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Online Lectures and workshops for organizations, managers, and employees.

Eyal Doron, PhD

A researcher, author, and developer of creative thinking across all areas of life, enabling problem-solving and shifts in consciousness of organizations and managers.

Dr Doron presents a paradigm that connects the world of management and the world of everyday lives, and provides participants with the ability to make the most of themselves and their talents.

While working with the audience, Dr. Eyal Doron uses examples and case-studies that arise from the audience itself and from the field. He reacts to the room’s dynamics, delivers deep insights in a short amount of time, and guides the accumulated knowledge and skills of the audience. Special emphasis is put on studying and practicing the most practical tools for future work.

Dr. Eyal Doron is the Head of the Interdisciplinary division of Psychology and Philosophy at the School of Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.
In addition, Dr. Doron heads the “Creativity in Action” executive program in the Executive Education Center IDC Herzliya.
Has expertise in working with leading global companies and senior executives.


Lectures and workshop for organizations, managers and employees.

Dr Eyal Doron is an expert in working with companies and senior executives in Israel and globally, in fostering a creative worldview, and on the triangular connection between creativity, organizational happiness, and peak performances in uncertain conditions.

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Lectures and seminars for organizations, managers and employees.


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