About Dr. Eyal Doron

Dr. Eyal Doron is a researcher and developer of creative thinking and readiness for the new & changing world of the 21st century. He is the head of the Interdisciplinary division of Psychology and Philosophy at the School of Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, and head of the “Creativity in Action” executive program in the Executive Education Center IDC Herzliya.

As a part of his post-doctoral studies, Doron evaluated the efficiency of innovative models for fostering initiative, resourcefulness, and self-esteem among children and adolescents.

In 2014, he published his first book “Life in an Amusement Park”, which deals with self-actualization in the new world. In 2019, he published his second book, the best-seller “Let’s Think It Over: Parenting and Education in the 21st century”.

Dr. Doron is the founder and developer of the SEISEI method for developing creative thinking and readiness for the new world. The method has worked for thousands of children and teens across the country in diverse segments of society (among them “at-risk” youth, religious education, religious-Torah students, the Druze sector, gifted students, tomorrow’s scientists, teens, the Arabic sector, those with outstanding achievements, and special education students).

Dr. Doron’s postdoctoral studies and the models validated in them are the backbone of the SEISEI method, as well as for the lectures and workshops that focus on developing human resources and senior management in companies and organizations.

Dr. Doron is the creator of several popular-science shows that aired on Israel’s Channel 2 – “How to be happy in six lessons” and the following series about success and raising a happy family in six lessons (Keshet, Channel 2). Lately, he also created several TV specials that center around education in the 21st century: “Zvika and Eyal are Going to School” (Reshet, Channel 2) and two episodes on the journalistic TV documentary program “Hamaarechet” (“The System”) with Miki Haimovich (Reshet, Chanel 2): In “Re-evaluating Education”, Dr. Doron alongside Miki Haimovich and Israel’s minister of education Naftali Bennett examined the education revolution around the world, and explored the topic of bringing innovation and creativity to the Israeli education system. The second episode, “Disappearing Professions”, dealt with the job market in the everchanging era of robots and technology.

Dr. Eyal Doron creates in his meetings a special combination of inspiration, extensive knowledge, and interaction with the audience accompanied by a lot of humor and insights.

The lectures and the workshops are of an experiential and surprising nature and include applied exercises, individually and in groups. Special emphasis is given to inventive thinking, everyday creativity, working with inspirational models and acquiring tools for problem-solving and achieving breakthroughs. The methodology that the participants learn is a product of years of research and development and has proven itself among employees and managers, entrepreneurs and students in various fields, in Israel and abroad.

The basic assumption is that there is no separation between life and work, it is all a part of the same “Open space”. Accordingly, the person-worker-manager should be treated as someone who needs to be reinvented and fine-tuned in every dimension of their life. Also, their sense of emotional engagement in the workplace must be refined. These are all parts of a personal toolbox that are a “must-have” for every manager and leader in the 21st century.

Based on insights from the fields of philosophy, psychology, communications and creativity research, as well as personal examples of unique individuals and innovative companies across the world, principles and practical tools were derived, in order to realize a creative worldview which encompasses all parts of life in general and work in part.


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