In 2014, Dr Eyal Doron published his first book: “Life in an amusement park”, which deals with self-actualization in the 21st century.  In 2018 he published is second best seller “Reinventing parenting and education in the 21st century”, you can purchase these books in this part of the website.

Life in an Amusement Park

Throughout human history, there have always been extraordinary individuals – emperors and leaders, philosophers and scientists, eminent artists – who led their lives as if the world was their playing field, open just for them. That’s no longer the case.

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Let’s Think It Over: Parenting and Education in the 21st Century

Out parenthood has changed in quite a strange way: We almost don’t enjoy it anymore. Too little rest, and too many worries, burnout and feelings of guilt. Technological developments in recent years have changed what was familiar and known. Today’s

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