Let’s Think It Over: Parenting and Education in the 21st Century

Out parenthood has changed in quite a strange way: We almost don’t enjoy it anymore. Too little rest, and too many worries, burnout and feelings of guilt.
Technological developments in recent years have changed what was familiar and known. Today’s reality oftentimes creates anxiety and a rooted need to place protective barriers around our children.

The perceptions (and some of the values) we grew up with are no longer relevant. The job market has become dynamic and experiences big shifts frequently, professions that were once guaranteed security for those who practiced them – are disappearing and being replaced by others.

On the other hand, the education system, has remained behind. Why is it better for us to stop insisting on homework? How can we create educational value from watching TV and playing video games? What can we do in order to raise our children to become active citizens of this great new world and also enjoy the path?

Dr. Eyal Doron has visited various countries around the world and has met with dozens of the leading researchers with the goal of finding an answer to the question “how does parenting needs to look like in the 21st century?”

In the book, Dr. Doron presents an updated model of parenting – One that harnesses the routine of family life in favor of a personal development process, based on flexible thinking, innovation and creativity.

The new book is available on bookshelves throughout the country.

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