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Lectures aimed at developing creative capabilities, problem solving, team leadership and strengthening organizational culture

The Coronavirus Changed the Rules of the Game

Things you see from a (social) distance: Creative thinking in a world we haven’t seen yet. We have an opportunity, now more than ever. We’ve woken up to an uncertain world, full of worry and stress, yes. Everything is moving

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The Coronavirus Days: Creative Management in Times of Crisis

What hasn’t been said about the 21st century: That it changed all the rules. That’s for sure. That safe and permanent jobs will disappear. That’s been proven right. That the new world is unpredictable. It’s amazing (and accurate) to see

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Peak Achievements in Uncertain Conditions

How does one become a creative manager? How to lead others and ourselves to peak achievements in a changing world? All the recent developments in leading organizations around the world   The lecture is centered around our ability to act

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Reinventing Myself: Cultivating My Talent

Nowadays, everyone already understands the importance of growth and personal development, both from the experience of the worker and the organization. But how is it done?   We are used to learning when it was mandatory, because it was needed

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Creativity in Life and Work

Can we improve our creative thinking? How can it be done? How to truly foster, and practically implement, an innovative and creative approach to our everyday lives?   This session includes insights and practical tools to look at life and

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Parenting and Education in the 21st Century

This new lecture follows Dr Doron’s new book “Let’s Think It Over: Parenting and Education in the 21st century”. The book is based on extensive research conducted by Doron in 10 countries around the globe, and among world-renowned experts in

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