Parenting and Education in the 21st Century

This new lecture follows Dr Doron’s new book “Let’s Think It Over: Parenting and Education in the 21st century”. The book is based on extensive research conducted by Doron in 10 countries around the globe, and among world-renowned experts in the fields of cultivating motivation & curiosity, the influence of technology on the younger generation, the issue of homework, parenting styles, and educating for creativity.


  • How to raise your child to be a problem solver?
  • How to flip the concept of a tired, guilt-filled, and worrisome parenthood?
  • How to become a creative family that finds their unique path in life?
  • What is truly important to check in our child’s school where they’ll spend 12 years of their lives?


The session includes practical and very surprising tools, alongside crucial and up-to-date information about parenting and education in a changing world. Learn, get inspired, and implement it tomorrow morning for your family.

Duration: 60 min

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