Peak Achievements in Uncertain Conditions

  • How does one become a creative manager?
  • How to lead others and ourselves to peak achievements in a changing world?
  • All the recent developments in leading organizations around the world


The lecture is centered around our ability to act in times of ambiguousness and uncertainty, and achieve outstanding results. Is there a recipe? To be honest, it’s not that simple, but there are many insights, research, gifted individuals, and speakers that have offered a course of action and key principles that can be implemented.


Who are the “Self-actualized people” that Abraham Maslow spoke of? How can we make the organization into an experience of “flow” conceptualized by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi? How do the leaders of the new world operate in an environment that is full of up-and-downs and ambiguousness? And what can we learn from the founders of Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Zappos, AirBnb, LinkedIn, and Haier about “cracking” the system and understanding the spirit of the new world?


The lecture includes an overview of the new types of organizations in the world and what we can practically adapt from them to cultivate creative management that leads to peak performances.

Duration: 60 min

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