Reinventing Myself: Cultivating My Talent

Nowadays, everyone already understands the importance of growth and personal development, both from the experience of the worker and the organization. But how is it done?


We are used to learning when it was mandatory, because it was needed to finish a stage, in order to prepare for the “real life” that will start afterwards. But, in the new world, we need to learn constantly,and at each step, That’s why it is important to transform the term “learn” to encompass an experience that is personal, enjoyable, and stirring.
To understand how we can build the most precise, interesting and suitable format for ourselves, so we can continue to learn new things in an everchanging world.

  • What is a “learning organization”, and how to transform the organization into a place of constant learning and growth that provides an exciting employee experience?
  • How to make our everyday lives into the “School of our dreams”?
  • What exciting tools can we adopt for personal and collaborative learning in life and work?


In the lecture, we will understand together the ways that successful and extraordinary people enjoyed learning at any time, in a tight and busy schedule. We will learn how these are all related to “self-accuracy”, and we will understand how to reinvent ourselves a little bit, as individuals and as an organization.

Duration: 60 min

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