The Coronavirus Changed the Rules of the Game

Things you see from a (social) distance: Creative thinking in a world we haven’t seen yet.

We have an opportunity, now more than ever.

We’ve woken up to an uncertain world, full of worry and stress, yes. Everything is moving so fast, but we can also react surprisingly fast. Turns out we’re quite good with our backs against the wall.


So, what do we do?

How can we think creatively?

How can we regain a sense of control in a perpetual state of uncertainty?

What can we do during home quarantine? How can we re-organize? How can we think (and feel) freely in a world of restraints and rules?


This inspiring lecture offers a different kind of thinking fit for a different kind of reality. The times we live in can help us rediscover & surprise ourselves.


The world has made its move, now it’s our turn.


Zoom lecture: 45 mins


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