The Coronavirus Days: Creative Management in Times of Crisis

What hasn’t been said about the 21st century:

That it changed all the rules. That’s for sure.

That safe and permanent jobs will disappear. That’s been proven right.

That the new world is unpredictable. It’s amazing (and accurate) to see how much.


Everything is happening at an accelerated pace. Automation, technology, digitization, and lots and lots of screens. And in this new world we are all entrepreneurs & managers. We must all develop ourselves to stay relevant.


Even before the Coronavirus outbreak offered a peek into the future, it was already obvious that independent businesses will become major players. Imagine what will happen now? How many people will have to restart their careers? The world is moving fast, that’s true, but we also can (and must) react fast.


Everything moves so fast, but we can also react surprisingly fast. Turns out we’re quite good with our backs against the wall.


In this lecture we’ll discuss management tools and principals tailored to these times:

  • Necessary thought reversals.
  • Jump into the future in order to act in the present.
  • Plan A, B, and Z: Opening the funnel.
  • How to regain a sense of control and capability.
  • Act in the present through the lens of an historic event.
  • New time management mechanisms


During the lecture we’ll use specific challenges of the organization itself.


Zoom lecture: 45 mins


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