Uncomfortableness? A great basis for creativity! Globes


“We enter a game without knowing the rules, and we

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Tips for recruiters – Examine a new employee in a creative way

The Marker

After being nominated for an important position in the organization

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New book launch – Reinventing

לפתוח את הראש, ולהתחיל להתפתח

Open up your mind and start developing In the past

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Lecture in the Israeli Marketing Association Conference – DIY MARKETING

Israeli Marketing Association Conference

Conference of the Israeli Marketing Association At a conference of

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Leading processes in organizations

The 'funnel' method and how it is carried out

The ‘funnel’ method and how it is carried out In

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“Most people just don’t want to invest, that’s why it’s easy to stand out”- Interview with Dan Shoval / Dr Eyal Doron

Globes | Special Issue "Personal Branding"

Globes | Special Issue “Personal Branding” “Personal branding is not

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More media appearances

“The Secret to Executive Success” – Executive Training Program / Dr Eyal Doron

From ‘Calcalist’

“Creativity in action” with Dr Eyal Doron, an executive training program at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, where participants will acquire business tools and will be exposed to diverse problem-solving methodologies, fostering creative intuition and out-of-the-box thinking.

Calcalist | Projects section | Dr Eyal Doron

The rapid pace in which the digital age changes, as well as the intensity of those changes, poses new challenges for executives and organizations, who all agree on one premise: much of the management strategies used in the past are far from relevant today.

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Want to keep your management tools up to date? Dr Eyal Doron accompanies streamlining processes in organizations and delivers dedicated seminars/lectures.

The manager who turned the cleaners into managers

the  “The Day That Was” program with Guy Zohar, Dr Eyal Doron – a researcher and creative thinking developer, tells of a Finnish company that in an unconventional way made the cleaners the company’s executives and how they gained from this.

Lisa, a Finnish cleaning staff manager from Finland, let the employees manage themselves and recruit clients. The result was revolutionary – the company became the largest in the country, with more than 13,000 customers.

The innovative move has led to a creative work environment – “Instead of setting people’s goals, let them set their own goals”.

Lisa said she received the failed cleaning company from her father and had managed to turn her business around completely and achieve record results.

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Dr Eyal Doron – Lecturer in organizations and conducts business process improvement seminars.

If you also want to lead a change in your organization/company, get in touch and let’s just make it happen.


Let the Y generation be

You are welcome to read Dr Eyal Doron’s article in The Marker magazine titled “The Y-Generation Plot.” In the article, a reassurance for parents and a presentation of the positive aspects of the younger generation (20-32), can be found. Studies show that their work ethic is not inferior to the previous generation, so why are they called lazy anyway?

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“Living the unknown” / Dr Eyal Doron

From the Globes newspaper

Even the few frameworks that are fixed in our lives get stirred in the revolutionary era in which we live.

Globes | Dr Eyal Doron

Even the few frameworks that are fixed in our lives get stirred in the revolutionary era in which we live. We are driven to a new world where uncertainty takes over. But instead of welcoming it with repellant spray, it’s worth opening our arms to it: that’s exactly what will keep us alive.

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When’s the last time someone told you you’re a little crazy?

From Globes Magazine

The 21st century is a century of personal entrepreneurship. Not to make it “big time”, but to survive

Globes Magazine / Mentor Section | Dr Eyal Doron

In the mid-1990s, Yehuda Poliker sang a song, which satirically shed light on a culture that pushes us all to the illusion and desire to be “someone”: “I also want to go out, drink, dance, cheat, rob … I want to be there, I want too.” Shalom Hanoch sang a few years later, “Everybody wants to be CEO, to be Secretary-General, to be the Chief of Staff”, we all sang and smiled, and then the 21st century came full force and changed the rules of the game.

Not “everyone wants,” but “everyone must.” Must be someone.

Why? Because everyone wants to make a living. Because I also want to make money and live respectfully. It will be the song of the next few years, which not everyone is buzzing about yet and it is worth starting, wanting to be – something, someone. Before it’s too late.

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