New book launch – Reinventing

לפתוח את הראש, ולהתחיל להתפתח

Open up your mind and start developing

In the past three years, I’ve been on a journey. Actually, I began it since I became a father to Itamar and Alona. Trying to understand our parenting and what happened to it. I have a question, let’s keep it between us: Do you feel (sometimes) (slightly)… worn out from parenting? Exhausted? Guilty? Confused? Troubled by computer games? Like your head is full of rumors and recommendations and warnings? Discussing education? Don’t know which school to choose? Running from one place to another? Dropping the kids off to a class, practice and parents meeting? And all the time with the regular- “Wake up, it’s already seven”?  And “Are you still in bed?”, And “What? You can’t shower after a whole day”? …Time has come to reinvent. Reinvent our parenting and our children’s education.

I devoted myself to talks and interviews with leading researchers around the world, with innovative entrepreneurial educators.

I met parents in Shanghai, Copenhagen, Berlin, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Geneva, and also in from the Golan Heights down to Beer Sheva.

Lots of conversations and work with teachers, principals and administrators, and of course – with children and teens.

I tried to look for a new model of parenting, one that is adapted to the changing world we live in.

It was important to me to organize and summarize many of the conclusions, the research and the insights that already exist in the world- to everyone who is going to be a parent, everyone who is already a parent, myself as a father and any adult who wants to reinvent themselves.

To open our minds, and begin to develop with our children, to raise problem-solving children, and to – to reinvent, create and enjoy much more on the way.

The book is now in stores. I would love to hear what you think?

To order online at the Keter Book Publishing site, click here

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