Tips for recruiters – Examine a new employee in a creative way

The Marker

After being nominated for an important position in the organization (important = company secretary to CFO, depending on the size, character and unique organizational culture), the candidate goes through a number of stages until finally reaching you – the decision-makers – and you decide whether or not to accept them.

Dr Eyal Doron offers to implement creativity into the recruitment process, to asses creativity and ability to adapt and work optimally in your organization.


A more natural environment for examining candidates is in a more natural environment than the office. The ‘cafe test’ is an interesting exercise in job interviews. Dr Doron suggests scheduling an appointment with an employee (this information is meant for both men and women, of course), in the local neighbourhood cafe that they are familiar with, but to do so in peak times.

Did they reserve a table?

Do they know and recognize the environment?

How did he chose and did he make the right choice in choosing your table?

Dr Eyal Doron, in the article by The Marker, explains the current and future recruitment and screening methods as a guarantee of business success.


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