Einat Bharav, HR, KPMG Somekh Chaikin

In the 2013 education year, as a Director of the gifted students and outstanding achievements department of the Ministry of Education, I invited Dr Eyal Doron to help us plan new programs.

Through tools of thinking, Eyal has been able to bring us new, and even surprising, insights into a fascinating process that culminates in creativity.

Eyal fulfilled his promise – to reach the end of the process in just a few months and with the plan and the contact with Eyal the process was very pleasant and enriching.

His original approach stands out not only in formulating an operative action plan that innovative and ready-to-use, was not only useful for the student programs but also in personal and group discourse.

During the 2018 work year, we decided to set the organization unto a different way of thinking, in the search for a suitable framework we reached Dr Eyal Doron.

Working with Dr Eyal Doron was different. It is a way that encourages different thinking, which has been both interesting and challenging.

After a successful project, we went on to undertake another one with Dr Eyal Doron.

The in-house feedback on the activity was excellent, the activity met my expectations as a manager and of all managers at the company.

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