Tamar Yasur, Director of Digital Banking and First Vice President

Sometimes it seems to us that we’ve seen everything, know everything and thought of everything that was possible.

That’s not true.

The meetings with Eyal open new facets of the mind, and sometimes the heart, and make for a different, refreshed, challenged and creative thinking… You will find out that its possible to take new things out of you, as an individual or as a group.

In the dynamic work environment, we live in now, we keep reinventing ourselves, in order to keep our place in a stormy environment, and event use those “storms’ to keep advancing. The lectures and seminars held by Eyal sharpen the understanding and provide paving tools for success. Sometimes, after a few hours, it seems that you can turn the world around together.

Eyal’s approach gives the tools to treat things differently, gives a new want to get back to life, work, routine, family and try something a little different…

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