Senior Management Workshop

Dr. Doron meets leading talented individuals in the organization and serves as a guide and mentor the accumulated knowledge and talent of the professionals in the room. The goal is to extract and refine insights and then to look at them from completely different perspectives, all in relation to challenges the organization might face in the near future.

How to internalize and implement a new creative approach to problems and challenges in an uncertain world?

All the discussions will address in a specific and relevant manner, the issues that arise from the participants themselves, while analyzing and inspecting innovative & groundbreaking management models of leading companies worldwide.

The workshop doesn’t discuss well-known and ‘obvious’ models from the management field and seldom uses well-known buzzwords.

Dr. Doron reacts to issues that arise in the room, in real-time, and through the teaching and practice of advance tools for creative management, and with the use of the talent in the room, solve challenges together, and design the principals for a new & creative strategic approach.

Additional activities

Unique Experiential Workshop for Departments and Employees

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