Unique Experiential Workshop for Departments and Employees

An innovative & practical workshop in which Dr. Doron teaches the most advanced tools for critical and creative thinking, in order to instill a new organizational approach in the organization.

All the tools are practiced experientially and practically by the session’s workgroups, and all the topics of discussion are formulated by the participants themselves on the spot.
This way, the workshop combines the relevant and real dilemmas that the participants actually face, alongside teaching of new tools for problem-solving and project and challenge management.

The participants are active and in many instances are the driving force of the sessions. Dr. Doron leads, inspires “outside of the box” thinking, and presents models from organizations around the globe, examples from his experience working with leading companies, and insights of revolutionary leaders who created new paradigms in their respective fields.

All the participants discover that creativity is a skill that everyone holds, and that it is possible to train and improve that skill. They also learn to stop fearing “getting stuck” or making mistakes, and understand that each and every one of us can take an active part in the game.

Additional activities

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